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电 话:0417-2638628


地 址:辽宁省营口市西市区辽河里75号

邮 编:115000


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Yingkou special paper industry co., LTD., located in yingkou city no. 75 in liaohe west city, was founded in 1984, is a private enterprise, employees 135 people, have three factories. Fixed assets of 150 million yuan.

The main production and operation projects: zinc oxide paper series (dry and wet); Water soluble zinc oxide version of the paper; Waterborne zinc version of the paper; Plastic products; All kinds paper tape; The processing trade. Products are exported to Latin America, Russia, Mongolia, southeast Asia and other countries.

Company total assets of $23.75 million, an annual turnover of more than $10 million, the company since its establishment in series paper, series of waterborne zinc oxide, zinc oxide editions of paper, series of water soluble zinc oxide version paper production as the center and focus on production and operation.

Since 1990, the zinc oxide version of the paper began to export, sold to India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other asean countries. Exported to Latin America, Russia, Mongolia. In foreign market is very competitive, their products to Japan, South Korea, enterprise product quality is reliable, the price is cheap. So for years, foreign demand, particularly asean countries increasingly.

Company as constantly adhere to technological innovation, nearly 3 years product yield at an annual rate of more than 25% on average increasing year by year, and achieved better economic benefits. Products for province, city famous brand product, province, city famous trademark, each year more than one million yuan of profit, 16 years in a row was named provincial, municipal star enterprise, collective economy provinces, more than one million yuan profit contract keeping promises units, the company produced products has received continuous progress prize in science and technology department, provincial, city, province patent product award, provincial, municipal quality product award, provincial new products, new technology gold award, etc. In 2003 enterprises through the ISO9001:2003 quality management system certification.



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